Anthony Morgan BSc, Master of Renewables
Co-Founder and Director

Anthony Morgan co-founder of Carbon Free Group and eco-entrepreneur, is passionate about the environment, he has made it his life's mission to find engineering solutions to help mankind adapt and meet the challenges created by our impact on the world around us.

A multi disciplined engineer, educated to degree level in both mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering, serving as Chief Engineer in the merchant navy before becoming shore based and turning his attentions to his passions of the environment, low energy construction, energy storage and renewable energy generation.

Anthony has amassed nearly two decades of experience developing and evaluating alternative technologies and methodologies for the harvesting, storage and subsequent provision of energy to buildings and communities. His expertise in the integration and hybridisation of technology and their subsequent application to low energy buildings, has earned him a number of industry awards, including the International Energy Research Centre award for Renewable Energy Innovation.

He has worked with a number of leading blue chip companies including Shell and Panasonic on the development of new technology and also early stage commercialisation and deployment. More recently, Anthony has been working on a number of projects, including:

A commercial residential, zero-carbon multi-house development, where he has been advising on the building fabric approach and assessing the strategy to take the development to zero-carbon.
Assessing new innovations and technology on behalf of potential investors.
Evaluation of a potential model for the deployment of utility sale energy storage.
Development of a solar driven tri-power, heating, cooling and energy (CHP) technology.

Co-Founder and Director