Net Zero with SLC Rail

May 2022: CFG completed Net Zero Policy and Strategy work for SLC Rail.

Springham Biodynamic Farm

May 2022: CFG completed energy strategy and scoping assessment for Springham Farm

Innovation Feasibility Pilot: Festival 2022

Aug 2021: CFG beginning renewable energy innovation feasibility study for DCMS

Net Zero for Halton Tennis Club

Mar 2020: CFG delivered energy and sustainability strategy work

Net-Zero/Sustainability Strategy Work

Jan 2022: CFG is drafting net zero and sustainability strategies for FE Colleges

Year 1 Net-Zero Plan for FE Colleges

Jan 2022: CFG began preparation to deliver goals for sustainability strategy

Newham Health Centres Decarbonisation

Mar 2022: Health and Care space Newham engaged CFG on their net zero NHS projects

Sustainable Procurement for Kent FE

Mar 2022: CFG will advise Morley, East and Mid Kent Colleges on sustainable procurement

Biodiversity Net Gain Pilot

Mar 2022: CFG began biodiversity net gain R&D for Morley, East and Mid Kent Colleges

Market research and IP Assessment

Mar 2020: CFG begins technology, market & IP assessment for innovative CHHRV technology

IP Assessment for DLT in the energy sector

Aug 2020: CFG commenced IP assessment and patent application for Power Transition

Brian Condon

Brian Condon is a founder of x-innovate, a new business based in Kent. x-innovate is an accelerator services company, working with start-up and early stage tech businesses to accelerate growth. The business takes a long-term view and provides highly person-centred approaches to support at the critical stages for businesses with growth potential.

Some of the ideas behind x-innovate were tested at the Centre for Creative Collaboration ("C4CC") which Brian founded and led. C4CC was a joint venture between four of the UK’s leading universities. C4CC supported collaboration and innovation between companies large and small, Universities, freelancers and micro businesses. A 5 year project beginning in 2010, C4CC was instrumental helping students and recent graduates businesses - with 37 start-ups in the final 2 years creating over 100 jobs. Businesses Brian supported include Pavegen (which generates electricity from human-powered paving slabs) and GrowUp Urban Farms (which uses aquaculture principles to provide fish and salad crops in cities).

Brian is a member of the Frontline Club which champions independent media and journalism, the Academy of Urbanism and the Royal Television Society. His business portfolio includes roles as director of the CBN Limited (a cooperative which works on the future of the UK's digital infrastructure) and non-executive director of Tri-Print Limited (his family printing business).

X Innovate,