What does the Carbon Free Group do?

The CFG draws together a unique mix of stakeholders to innovate without the risk. Through collaboration we create sustainable solutions.

Why did this network join together?

The current CFG members all recognise where the future lies and how we can best position ourselves in that future; commercially, socially and environmentally. We all buy into the same vision and the values and have learnt much in the last ten years. We generally agree on the ideas on how we can best get there. We believe that by sharing our skills, knowledge and best efforts together we have far more to offer than if we do not collaborate.

Why is now the time for the Carbon Free Group?

We live in momentous times of change, threat, challenge and great opportunity. We understand that many problems and difficulties in exploiting new opportunities are embedded in the approaches of the past. We recognise that most organisations have great difficulty in changing their ways because of the need to maintain the status quo and that life is tied into a culture at work and at home that itself is part of the problem. We believe we have something new to offer and, for those organisations and people prepared to explore doing things in a slightly different way, they can find much that is creative, inspiring and rewarding in doing so. That itself can lead to innovations and solutions for new products, new projects, new processes in how we do things and new policies that can encourage and give incentives, exactly where this impetus is most needed. There is never any better time than the present.

What are the core values of the Carbon Free Group?

We believe in the spirit and benefit of cooperation, trust and collaboration. We have embedded our values into the very way we have reconstituted our institutional framework and approach.

What do members get? Why would I join?

The Carbon Free Group is committed to a demand-led operation. We do not exist to offer pre-conceived packaged solutions. A carbon free future inevitably involves many people and many organisations; each with different needs, diverging interests and diverse expectations.

What any one member gets will be pretty much determined by what they express they need, what their interests and expectations are and how the rest of the membership decides to give priority to these and allocate the resources, skills and services to undertake the required activities. In other words, we offer nothing except that which is demanded, prioritised and resourced by the members themselves.

People or organisations will only join if they feel they have something to gain by working in ways that they normally do not. If they see the value in symbiosis or synergy and learning from others then they can translate this into commercial, social and environmental gain. Some may find the tax-free offer enticing. Some will want to come out into the open to get creative and innovate. Others will want to join the teams that will roll out cracking new solutions expressed in new carbon free products, projects, process or policies. Some will not want to be excluded from or left behind in the opportunities that our forums, platforms and Joint Venture operations will put up on offer. Some may just like following us on social and business media because they can learn and follow the intrigue. Some may want to try out research where previously they had seen this as inaccessible.

Where is the future of the carbon free group?

The future will be what it will be. We will do what we believe is the best thing to do at this particular time and for the right reasons – to speed up how we deliver carbon free solutions.

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 10:06