Net Zero with SLC Rail

May 2022: CFG completed Net Zero Policy and Strategy work for SLC Rail.

Springham Biodynamic Farm

May 2022: CFG completed energy strategy and scoping assessment for Springham Farm

Innovation Feasibility Pilot: Festival 2022

Aug 2021: CFG beginning renewable energy innovation feasibility study for DCMS

Net Zero for Halton Tennis Club

Mar 2020: CFG delivered energy and sustainability strategy work

Net-Zero/Sustainability Strategy Work

Jan 2022: CFG is drafting net zero and sustainability strategies for FE Colleges

Year 1 Net-Zero Plan for FE Colleges

Jan 2022: CFG began preparation to deliver goals for sustainability strategy

Newham Health Centres Decarbonisation

Mar 2022: Health and Care space Newham engaged CFG on their net zero NHS projects

Sustainable Procurement for Kent FE

Mar 2022: CFG will advise Morley, East and Mid Kent Colleges on sustainable procurement

Biodiversity Net Gain Pilot

Mar 2022: CFG began biodiversity net gain R&D for Morley, East and Mid Kent Colleges

Market research and IP Assessment

Mar 2020: CFG begins technology, market & IP assessment for innovative CHHRV technology

IP Assessment for DLT in the energy sector

Aug 2020: CFG commenced IP assessment and patent application for Power Transition

Here's some feedback from CFG members, clients and partners relating to initiatives that we have been involved with.

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    The Carbon Free Group has been instrumental in building and implementing the Collaborative College Fund (CCF) Net-Zero Strategy creation and solutions assessments, Biodiversity Net-Gain, and Sustainable Procurement program with EKC Group, Midkent College, and Morley College. They were tasked with tight deadlines, liaising with multiple organisations and consultants, and navigating a wide variety of documents, methodologies, and formats.

    It has been a pleasure to work with their team of experts who place customer service amongst the forefront of the overall experience. They are highly professional, consistently meeting deadlines with very high-level deliverables and they are deeply passionate at the same time. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Carbon Free Group and look forward to working again with them in the future.

    Sem Ozyurt, Project Manager
    EKC Group
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    The Carbon Free Group (CFG) provided an excellent critique of the commercial feasibility of a potential new product. This insight was essential for our research group to form a coherent business strategy and secure additional funding. CFG’s technical, business and IP expertise in the green space provided an efficient "one-stop-shop" that delivered a greater return from a limited budget. Despite the COVID pandemic, CFG maintained dialogue remotely, generating a true sense of collaboration. We look forward to working with CFG in the near future.

    Dr. John Lohan
    integrated Sustainable Energy Technologies (iSET) Research Group, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
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    Electric Corby first approached the Carbon Free Group (CFG) to help develop an energy strategy for a pilot project called “ZEB1 (Zero Energy Bills)”. Through engagement with CFG and its members it was possible to pull together both the team and the technologies to ensure that the project could be successfully implemented and the best possible project outcome achieved.

    This collaborative process has led to the creation of Glendale Ecohomes, an SPV created by the consortium of CFG members to deliver, zero-carbon smart homes at a scale and cost to compete with mainstream housing development. This would not have been possible without extensive knowledge base and network made available to us through Carbon Free Group.

    Nick Bolton, Director
    Electric Corby
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    The Big Clean Switch campaign is an active supporter of the mission and purpose of the Carbon Free Group which provides us with access to thought leaders, clean technology innovations in the sector, introductions to new opportunities, plus insight and leadership through their event series. We’d encourage other small businesses to connect and get involved.

    Jon Fletcher, Campaign Director
    Big Clean Switch
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    Clean Energy UK supports the Carbon Free Group mission to decarbonise the built environment. Our partnership provides us with access to new ideas and opportunities for encouraging business to transition to clean energy.

    Tom Old, MD
    Clean Energy UK
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    Jae’s key note presentation opened IEMA’s and GACSO’s Sustainability Conference with a bang! Compelling and hard hitting and almost impossible to argue with. Rich with data and intelligence, this was high octane stuff beautifully delivered with passion and humour. A wonderful way to start a conference.

    Tim Balcon, CEO
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    The Carbon Free Group and HermeticaBlack have recently collaborated on independent research into Modern Methods of Construction, mainly focused on Off Site Manufacturing and its application for sustainable housing. Anthony Morgan of the Carbon Free Group provided invaluable insight and support which resulted in a big value report that the client was very pleased with. We continue to collaborate with the Carbon Free Group in this area and are looking to develop and deliver a disruptive solution for a number of clients. This would not have been possible without input from Anthony and the Carbon Free Group

    Neal Kalita, MD